If you would like to advertise or promote your business across our website & social media media outlets, then please drop us an email to info@colnetalk.co.uk .  Let us know what you’re thinking – we’re pretty flexible and can discuss requirements on an individual basis. As we are just testing the water with this, our advertising rates are not set in concrete.

What can we offer?

Options include: Website banners, page adverts, lead in pages, promotional stories & photographs.  

How Does it Work?
We work with you to produce positive stories (or other promotional material) for the Colne Talk Website.  These stories are then shared, where appropriate, to our other social media channels … including the Colne Talk Facebook group

(At present we do not allow businesses to advertise or self-promote directly into the Colne Talk Facebook group. The initial source must be from the website, so we can ensure an orderly group and avoid overloading the group).

Social Media
Our ‘Colne Talk’ Facebook group has over 21,500 local members, is very active and grows daily.  So, you can be sure that your campaigns are put in front of a large local audience.

It is further complimented with the Colne Talk website, the Visit Colne Facebook Page and Colne Talk Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.