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Monday 29th August 2022
The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival 2022 - Line-ups.

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Thursday19:30Open Mic NightBoyces BarrelFree
Thursday19:30The Fox & The HoundThe VenueFree
Thursday20:00Jake Dixon & FriendsColne & Nelson RUFCTickets
Thursday21:00Give It SomeThe VenueFree
Friday17:00Dana Ali BandColne & Nelson RUFCFree
Friday18:00Reay & TranAdmiral Lord RodneyFree
Friday18:45The Might RevelatorsMini MuniTickets
Friday19:00Standing Room OnlyThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Friday19:00Slim Wilson and the Swamp BrothersBees KneesFree
Friday19:00The Cold Heart RevueCarlo'sFree
Friday19:30Seafoam GreenThe Little TheatreTickets
Friday19:30The Original Fat Jack's GarageTown HallFree
Friday19:30FandjangoColne & Nelson RUFCFree
Friday19:30TeaspoonTubbs of ColneFree
Friday19:30Junkhouse Dog DuoBoyces BarrelFree
Friday19:30The Allmans Band ProjectThe MuniTickets
Friday19:30The Melvin Hancox BandPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Friday20:00Walter Mittys HeadCrown HotelFree
Friday20:00Record StreetThe DressersFree
Friday20:00Dean Newton Trio (DNT)Admiral Lord RodneyFree
Friday20:30RoadkousticRileys BarFree
Friday20:30The Hiding MagpiesMini MuniTickets
Friday21:00The AchieversThe Little TheatreTickets
Friday21:00Phil JohariThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Friday21:00Dana Ali BandThe VenueFree
Friday21:00English TeacherBees KneesFree
Friday21:00LindisfarnePendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Friday21:15The Errol Linton BandThe MuniTickets
Friday21:30BluehoundsTubbs of ColneFree
Friday22:00Welsh T BandTown HallFree
Friday22:00Redfish Blues BandCrown HotelFree
Friday22:00Slim Wilson and the Swamp BrothersColne & Nelson RUFCFree
Friday22:00Third ThumbThe DressersFree
Friday22:15The Andy Taylor GroupMini MuniTickets
Friday23:00The Original Fat Jack's GarageThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Friday23:00Atomic RoosterThe MuniTickets
Friday23:00Full House Performs Frankie MillerPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Saturday12:20Thomas AtlasPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Saturday13:00Bridge of SighsColne & Nelson RUFCFree
Saturday13:00Matt WhatleyTubbs of ColneFree
Saturday13:00John CarrollTown HallFree
Saturday13:25Fargo Railwroad CompanyPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Saturday13:30Sam CudworthRileys BarFree
Saturday13:30The Big Bill Broonzy StoryMini MuniTickets
Saturday14:00RoadkousticBees KneesFree
Saturday14:00The Worried MenCrown HotelFree
Saturday14:00OverloadUnion ExchangeFree
Saturday14:00Greeny & The VoyagersThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Saturday14:00Strange BrewAdmiral Lord RodneyFree
Saturday14:15Animals and FriendsThe MuniTickets
Saturday14:30SproutThe Little TheatreTickets
Saturday14:30Mississippi MacdonaldPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Saturday15:00Route 66Town HallFree
Saturday15:00Jake Dixon & FriendsThe VenueFree
Saturday15:15CartwrightMini MuniTickets
Saturday15:30Cold Heart RevueTubbs of ColneFree
Saturday15:40Chris Bevington OrganisationPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Saturday16:00The Jake Leg Jug BandThe Little TheatreTickets
Saturday16:00Steve God & The Agnostic BrothersCrown HotelFree
Saturday16:00Good FoxyThe DressersFree
Saturday16:00Hellfire PreachersColne & Nelson RUFCFree
Saturday16:00Redfish Blues BandThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Saturday16:00The SwitchRileys BarFree
Saturday16:00The Verity Bromham Rockin Blues BandThe MuniTickets
Saturday16:45Brave RivalPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Saturday17:00Bad ReputationBees KneesFree
Saturday17:00Benihana BandAdmiral Lord RodneyFree
Saturday17:00Greeny & The VoyagersUnion ExchangeFree
Saturday17:00Sam CudworthBoyces BarrelFree
Saturday17:00SunhouseMini MuniTickets
Saturday17:30Raphael CallaghanThe Little TheatreTickets
Saturday17:45Rebecca Downes BandThe MuniTickets
Saturday17:50Gerry Jablonski BandPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Saturday18:00Bon UKCrown HotelFree
Saturday18:00Backbone Blues BandThe DressersFree
Saturday18:00Strange BrewThe VenueFree
Saturday18:00Welsh T BandThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Saturday18:00John CarrollRileys BarFree
Saturday18:30Cheating HeartsTubbs of ColneFree
Saturday18:45Liam Ward BandMini MuniTickets
Saturday19:00Blue Dog HoochBees KneesFree
Saturday19:00Route 66Colne & Nelson RUFCFree
Saturday19:00Ben "Blue" WatersCarlo'sFree
Saturday19:00Crow Black ChickenPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Saturday19:00Fargo Railroad CompanyAdmiral Lord RodneyFree
Saturday19:30George Shovlin & The RadarsThe Little TheatreTickets
Saturday19:30Steve God & The Agnostic BrothersUnion ExchangeFree
Saturday19:30The Rig Lee BandThe MuniTickets
Saturday20:00The SwitchCrown HotelFree
Saturday20:00Hellfire PreachersThe DressersFree
Saturday20:00Bridge of SighsThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Saturday20:00The Worried MenMarket Street TavernFree
Saturday20:00DiscoAdmiral Lord RodneyFree
Saturday20:20Felix RabinPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Saturday20:30Alex Voysey TrioRileys BarFree
Saturday20:30Samuel C Lees BandMini MuniTickets
Saturday21:00Terri Shaltiel BandThe Little TheatreTickets
Saturday21:00Moons of VenusBees KneesFree
Saturday21:00FandjangoUnbound BreweryFree
Saturday21:00Redfish Blues BandTown HallFree
Saturday21:00Good FoxyThe VenueFree
Saturday21:15FMThe MuniTickets
Saturday21:30Jake Dixon & FriendsTubbs of ColneFree
Saturday21:40Chantel McGregorPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Saturday22:00Backbone Blues BandCrown HotelFree
Saturday22:00Standing Room OnlyThe DressersFree
Saturday22:00Welsh T BandColne & Nelson RUFCFree
Saturday22:00The SwitchUnion ExchangeFree
Saturday22:00Walter Mittys HeadThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Saturday22:15Ashley Sherlock BandMini MuniTickets
Saturday23:00Miguel Montalban & the Southern VulturesThe MuniTickets
Saturday23:00Aynsley ListerPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Saturday23:59FolkestraThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Sunday13:00Big Bad Blues BandColne & Nelson RUFCFree
Sunday13:00Barrowford Community ChoirTubbs of ColneFree
Sunday13:00Bluesman Mike FrancisTown HallFree
Sunday13:30Karl FrancisRileys BarFree
Sunday13:30Tom KillnerMini MuniTickets
Sunday14:00LOL Goodman BandBees KneesFree
Sunday14:00Dark SparksCrown HotelFree
Sunday14:00Matt HeapThe DressersFree
Sunday14:00Dust RadioThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Sunday14:00The Worried MenUnion ExchangeFree
Sunday14:00Clearwater Creedance RevivalPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Sunday14:15Gerry Mcavoys Band of FriendsThe MuniTickets
Sunday14:30Gary GraingerThe Little TheatreTickets
Sunday15:00Ian Bell's International Trio FT. Lucy LockwoodBoyces BarrelFree
Sunday15:00Bad ReputationTown HallFree
Sunday15:00Colne Blues All StarsThe VenueFree
Sunday15:00MT ArmsAdmiral Lord RodneyFree
Sunday15:15Jim KirkpatrickMini MuniTickets
Sunday15:30TeaspoonRileys BarFree
Sunday15:30John CarrollTubbs of ColneFree
Sunday15:30Barrowford Community ChoirUnbound BreweryFree
Sunday15:30The Cinelli BrothersPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Sunday16:00The Night CreaturesThe Little TheatreTickets
Sunday16:00Strange BrewColne & Nelson RUFCFree
Sunday16:00Wait and BluesCrown HotelFree
Sunday16:00Billy and the Biscuit BrothersThe DressersFree
Sunday16:00Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat ComboThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Sunday16:00Geno Washington Farewell TourThe MuniTickets
Sunday17:00MT ArmsBees KneesFree
Sunday17:00David Petie BandUnion ExchangeFree
Sunday17:00Jade Like The StoneMini MuniTickets
Sunday17:00The StumblePendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Sunday17:30Ged WilsonThe Little TheatreTickets
Sunday17:45Connie Lush & Friends Farewell GigThe MuniTickets
Sunday18:00Steve God & The Agnostic BrothersThe DressersFree
Sunday18:00Hot AirThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Sunday18:00Dust RadioTown HallFree
Sunday18:00Bon UKThe VenueFree
Sunday18:30RoadkousticTubbs of ColneFree
Sunday18:30Willie and the BanditsPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Sunday18:45Five Points GangMini MuniTickets
Sunday19:00Rory Hendrix ExperienceColne & Nelson RUFCFree
Sunday19:00Benihana BandBees KneesFree
Sunday19:00FandjangoCrown HotelFree
Sunday19:00The Nightcreatures DuoCarlo'sFree
Sunday19:30J-Bear & The GiantsThe Little TheatreTickets
Sunday19:30MT ArmsUnion ExchangeFree
Sunday19:30King Pleasure & the Biscuit BoysThe MuniTickets
Sunday20:00Standing Room OnlyCrown HotelFree
Sunday20:00Billy and the Biscuit BrothersMarket Street TavernFree
Sunday20:00Walter Mittys HeadThe DressersFree
Sunday20:00BluehoundsThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Sunday20:00Kyla BroxPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Sunday20:00Spanish BatteryAdmiral Lord RodneyFree
Sunday20:30Mark Pontin GroupMini MuniTickets
Sunday21:00John MontanaThe Little TheatreTickets
Sunday21:00OverloadBees KneesFree
Sunday21:00Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat ComboUnbound BreweryFree
Sunday21:00Big Bad Blues BandTown HallFree
Sunday21:00FolkestraThe VenueFree
Sunday21:15Nine Below ZeroThe MuniTickets
Sunday21:30Hot AirTubbs of ColneFree
Sunday21:30The Uptown All Star Big BandPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Sunday22:00The Worried MenColne & Nelson RUFCFree
Sunday22:00Strange BrewCrown HotelFree
Sunday22:00Wait and BluesThe DressersFree
Sunday22:00Alex Voysey TrioThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Sunday22:00Welsh T BandUnion ExchangeFree
Sunday22:15The Simon Hough BandMini MuniTickets
Sunday23:00Ian Siegal present B.L.U.E.SThe MuniTickets
Sunday23:00Dr. FeelgoodPendle Hippodrome TheatreTickets
Sunday23:59Record StreetThe Duke Of LancasterFree
SundayWelsh T BandAdmiral Lord RodneyFree
SundayGreg TaylorAdmiral Lord RodneyFree
Monday14:00Strange BrewThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Monday14:30Pat Fulgoni Blues ExperienceColne & Nelson RUFCFree
Monday15:00The Early BirdsAdmiral Lord RodneyFree
Monday16:00The Worried MenThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Monday17:00Mchales Permanent BrewColne & Nelson RUFCFree
Monday18:00Soul GravyThe DressersFree
Monday18:00Pat Fulgoni Blues ExperienceThe Duke Of LancasterFree
Monday20:00Phil JohariThe DressersFree
Monday22:00J-Bears JamThe DressersFree

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