Colne Breastfeeding Friends

Colne Breastfeeding Friends
Colne Breastfeeding Friends (Colne BFFs) is a relatively new group that aims to create and sustain a positive culture of breastfeeding in the community by providing a breastfeeding support group for families from bump, birth, breast and beyond. 

I was invited to help promote this group, but I must admit some apprehension whilst on route. “How is this going to work ?” (I’m a bloke!) However, they are a such a friendly bunch of folk that this was a complete non- issue.  The whole environment was so relaxed that I actually stayed for over 2 hours with the mums & children!  There are refreshments available too … tea, coffee, cake and doughnuts etc.  (Funnily enough, I seem to have not been told about the doughnuts at the outset and that’s critical need-to-know information! Don’t repeat my rookie mistake!)

“Once here you will be able to socialise with other mums and babies, and seek advice from our qualified breastfeeding peer supporters, as well as feed comfortably in a safe and welcoming environment.

You will be made very welcome and there will always be refreshments available (including cake!) We suggest a donation of £1.50 to help us to cover the costs of renting the community centre.”

Charlotte Treitl, one of the organisers, explained that they want to offer a safe space for the children, parents and create an environment for socialising as well as supporting breastfeeding mums. To be clear, they’re supporting mum’s in general – you don’t actually need to be breastfeeding or have any problem to solve. The social networking between mum’s is clearly invaluable in itself and has so many benefits.

Meet the Colne Team 
The core team of the Colne BFFs are pictured below and they are all volunteers.  Adults from left to right: Danni Martin, Cat Swinburn, Charlotte Treitl and Georgia Brown. (plus Laura Jayne O’Callaghan – who was not available on the day).

Charlotte and Georgia are trained peer supporters (via the National Childbirth Trust). The remaining volunteers will be trained as “Mother Supporters” via the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers.

The Colne group had a very successful launch party on Fri 8th Nov at Earnie’s.  However, the for the second week (and for future meetings) has been moved to Primet Community Centre.  (Roughly on the opposite side of the road to Colne Leisure Centre).

How to support the Colne Breastfeeding Friends Group
These groups are run by volunteers and are funded by donations.   Charlotte Treitl initially kicked off the funding herself by doing a head shave – she cut off all her dreadlocks!  The funding is used to hire the rooms, pay for refreshments, training the volunteers and purchase of any related equipment.  Many of the toys and play mats have been donated to them.

Donate at:

Where and When are the BFF groups?
Burnley: Thur 1.30 pm – 3 pm at Briercliffe Community Centre.
Colne: Fri 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm at Primet Community Centre.
Barnoldswick: Tue 1 pm – 3 pm at the Barnoldswick Civic Hall.

Breastfeeding Friends – Contact Info.
To date, there are three local Breastfeeding Friends locations :- Colne BFFs, Barnoldswick BFFs and Burnley BFFs

Facebook page: Burnley Breastfeeding Group
Facebook Page: Colne Breastfeeding Group
Facebook page: West Craven Breastfeeding Group

If, after looking at the Facebook pages, you would like to see what they do, then request to join one of their Facebook Groups. (Bear in mind that you’ll be asked a bunch of questions prior to being allowed to join these groups  … for obvious safeguarding reasons) :-

Burnley Breasfeeding Friends
Colne Breastfeeding Friends
West Craven Breastfeeding Friends

Families and Babies (FAB) 
The various BFF are supported by staff from Families and Babies (FAB), which is a non-profit organisation based in Leyland, Lancashire.  This organisation can offer all sorts of services and has links to other professional organisations, for when cases are more challenging .  Amongst other things, they offer telephone support, home visits, hospital support.

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