Colne Co-Op: Waterside

Colne & District Co-operative Society: Waterside

The first store run on a co-operative basis in Colne appears to have begun about 1848 in what was the Chartist news room in Parliament Street.  However, this business only survived a few years and the business was taken over by a private individual, but the adventure contained the seed from which other attempts at mutual trading. A store was opened in Holmes Place in Railway Street in about 1858 and this was later moved to Parliament Street. 

A Waterside branch was opened in  1867, but this section broke away from the parent body and in 1870 the Waterside Co-operative stores was created.  In March 1886, the ‘Colne & District Co-operative Society Ltd’ was created by the merger of three co-operative movements (Parliament Street, Waterside and Primet Hill).

Waterside Area
A large chunk of Waterside, Damside & the Mill Green area has been subject to demolition.  The old Co-op buildings have long been demolished, along with many other buildings.  There are large areas of Waterside that have been cleared – now a mixture of areas used for business, brownfield sites, some open land and some play areas.

A list of Co-op premises (in 1920) and their opening times are shown on the Co-op Members Calendar for 1920.

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