Colne Life – 10 Year Anniversary

Congratulations to Colne Life magazine on its 10 year anniversary! 

Most local people will be well aware of the Colne Life magazine. It’s a quarterly magazine that’s free and can be picked up from businesses and venues all over Colne.  “So what”, I hear you say? It’s just a local magazine, right? Nope, it’s much more than that. 

Before explaining further, let’s touch on a bit of background information. The Colne Life magazine is published by Loop Publishing Ltd – who have been around since Jan 2005. Loop publishing has a number of publications including Northern Life, Family, Craven & Valley Life, Colne Life and Eat – Drink – Sleep. 

Generally speaking, this means that they are always busy with meeting the next deadline and it’s near impossible to squeeze an interview out of them.  Well, that’s their excuse. It’s more like Karen Shaw (owner & Company Director) doesn’t like her photo taken!  But we have our ways … so, for their 10-year anniversary, we’ve pulled a few bits together …

Staff at the company are involved with the Colne Gala and they hosted (and helped to judge) the competition to select the Gala Queen and Princess for 2019 from their offices on Sun Street, Colne. Karen was also a member of the judging panel for Colne’s Got Talent competition (2019). The overall winners of the Colne’s Got Talent were singers Lucy & Joe.

A Decade of ‘Colne Life’
The 10th Anniversary issue of Colne Life (i.e. Autumn 2019) covers a number of interesting stories – including a story on a recently opened shop … Chosen By Jessica.

We covered the Opening Day for Chosen by Jessica back in July 2019. At that time, the shop was open but the coffee shop/cafe at the back of the shop wasn’t 100% ready.  So, it was nice to see Jessica and her family during the Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival this year. They were very busy and they’ve come such a long way in such a short space of time.  Here is Jessica serving elements of Fandjango  …

Interestingly, singers Lucy & Joe were busking outside Chosen By Jessica during the Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival

We also specifically went to Earnie’s to listen to Lucy & Joe perform. (The owner of Earnie’s, Paul Earnshaw, was also one of the Judges in the Colne’s Got Talent Competition … so he invited them to perform at his venue). Their families turned up to support them and we capitalised on a rare opportunity to grab some family photo’s.  Joe’s mum said, “You don’t recognise us, do you?”.  Of course, not recognising folk is bit of a nightmare to us … still smiling, she explained that I’d taken photo’s of her daughter Annie on A-Level Results Day at Nelson & Colne College

This complex interaction is what we call ‘Colne Life’ … life could be viewed as a series of simple one-off encounters, but in practice community life is often much more complex and is often intertwined with each other. It certainly also demonstrates how a seemingly inconspicuous, local competition can change lives and how many people get involved along the way.

We’re honoured at Colne Talk to also have been been included in the 10 year anniversary edition of Colne Life.  There is a little story behind this too. The initial plan was to do a story on Colne Life and Karen, for local interest. But somehow she managed to turn the tables and did a story on us & Naz instead! How did that happen?

Whilst out taking photo’s of Fandjango at Riley’s Bar during the Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival,  we accidentally met a young lady also taking photo’s of the band … so we took a photo of her too. We didn’t speak at the time, but later found out that her name was Nicole. Nicole overheard Naz talking to security staff and arranging access to the private upstairs function room. (As you can see from the photo below, we couldn’t get anywhere near the owner – Debs – for sea of people around the outdoor bar). Nicole’s first words were, “Can I come upstairs with you?” … quite funny, but she (and her partner) tagged along.

After taking our photo’s, we chatted and it became apparent that Nicole had secured a trainee/apprenticeship at Loop Publishing and was due to start the following week.  Light bulb moment … a perfect opportunity for a bit of banter with Karen … quick selfie with Nicole and a text to Karen saying, “I’ve already turned your trainee to the dark side … yes … yes… I know all your secrets!”.

Karen messaged back,

“If only you knew Naz! I’ll make sure I’ll kick you in the shins when I see you. I’m at the Blues … so watch out!”

Karen and her posse were indeed at the Blues. Here they are outside Colne Parish Church, where they all witnessed Naz chewing a wasp (literally)!

A week later, Nicole phoned for a chat so that she could put the finishing touches to their story about Naz & Colne Talk.  Thanks for the story, much appreciated.

So, Colne Life, congratulations on reaching your 10th year anniversary! Being around for such a length of time is an achievement in itself and testimony to your success!

In Karen’s own opening words in her Editors Letter:

“A decade. Ten years. That’s how long Colne Life has been capturing local news and events. Now I feel really old … ancient in fact.”  

We tend to agree. You really are ancient … much older than Colne Talk! Ha ha! Seriously though, pick up your free copy of Colne Life today – they’r scattered all over town. 

To Karen & her team: Keep up the good work. And maybe one day, we’ll find time to continue those drinks …

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