Hip Hop UK at the Muni

Hip Hop dance competition hosted by Hip Hop UK at The Muni on 7th April 2019.

The competition itself was being judged by Lizzie Stavrou from Hollyoaks, Jake Donlan from the band ‘Yes Lad’ and Seb  – a break dancer from Preston.  Great to see that The Muni was packed out with dancers, parents and Judges! 

We stumbled upon this story by chance …

Hip Hop UKWe were out in Colne to grab some photo’s to help with a story: 96th Birthday of Pendleside Hospice volunteer Kath Hancock . Unfortunately, the shutters were down on the doorway of the Colne Pendleside Hospice shop on Dockray Street, so we headed home. (We got the photo’s on another day).

On our way back down Albert Road, we spotted a number of dancers practising in the sun outside the Muni.  So, we stopped off and asked for permission to take some photo’s.

Many thanks to the staff of Hip Hop UK for the permission! Permission took some time, as the relevant due diligence checks were made. This was expected – we turned up completely unannounced!  The dance team from Elite Dance and Fitness Studio were chilling out on the balcony watching the dancers … but were more than happy for a photo – in fact, the first photo of the day! They’d travelled to Colne from Dalton in Furness, Cumbria.

Hip Hop UK – Sanderson’s Dance Studio, Lomeshaye Industrial Estate (Nelson).

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hiphopukdance/
Website:  https://www.hiphopuk.co.uk/

The Community & Dance

It’s clear that our local dance academies & their associated competitions engage a large part of the community.

We often follow the Helen Green Dance Academy and their latest performance was at the recent Easter in Colne event.  They’ve recently brought hundreds of trophy’s home from recent dance competitions (e.g. Skegness). We’re waiting to catch up with them … but they’re busy little bees … they’re currently at the North Wales Festival of Dance in Wrexham!

Many of the dance groups are heavily plugged into the community and perform at local events, such as the Colne Gala and even put on local shows.

Other local dance studios include: Helen Green Academy of Dance, Encore Dance Studios, Pendle Dance Academy of Performing Arts, Stevie D Dance & Acrobatics.

 If you would like us to cover your dancers or event, then get in touch with us!

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