Our NHS Staff & Care Workers

Our NHS Staff & Care Workers

Our fabulous NHS staff and care workers are working extremely hard during this difficult period.  They’re on the front line and are exposed to risk literally every day. When they go home, there is no doubt that there is an elevated risk for their families.

So, I wanted to put together a little photo story for no other reason than to say ‘we care’ and we recognise that you’re deeply rooted in the community. After all, many work tirelessly outside their jobs too … consistently encouraging people to help, raising the profiles of important issues and raising money for the community and for charitable causes. 

I was hoping for a few pictures of care staff too, but this hasn’t worked out in time for the story. Nevertheless, they’re not forgotten. There is no chance that we can include everyone and we know that there are often lots of support staff in the background that make sure operations run smoothly that often don’t get a mention … but this tribute is to you all.

Thanks from us! And many thanks from me personally – I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to countless events and activities, it’s been a huge honour to have been part of it. 

Pendle Community Hospital – Hartley Ward
Some wards in Pendle Community Hospital (Nelson) are now actively dealing with Corona-virus patients.  Here’s their message to stay safe …

Colne & District Nurses (Pendle East)
We tried to get a recent set of photo’s of the Colne & District Nurses (and the rest of the teams at the Colne Health Centre), but they were way too busy right now, so we’ll have to make do with a photo from Nurses Day in 2019.  This fabulous bunch are always there for their community and smiling with it. They’ve put out loads of short stories & video’s … the last one being their Christmas 2019 video sing song.  We could so easily add hundreds of pictures for our local DNs and talk all day about them – *lots* of fabulous people (and for me lots of friends).

Burnley West District Nursing Team 
Here are the Burnley West District Nursing Team is based at Kiddrow Lane in Padiham – they were also way too busy for a new photo. So, we’ve used a picture from Nurses Day back in 2019. 

Burnley General Hospital
So for Burnley General, we’ll use one of their support staff who was recently voted as “Employee of the Month” in Sep 2019. This, of course, would be Tracey Smith – founder of The Natter Shack Scheme.  Here you can see Tracey receiving her award and some of the other team members that essential for operations.

Since its launch mid last year, the Natter Shack Scheme has exploded in popularity – at the time of writing, they have over 48 venues all over Lancashire.  We’ve been around for many of their media events … interviews by BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Northwest Tonight etc.

MND Care Team – Lancashire Teaching Hospitals (Royal Preston)
Julie Sala with some of her team at the MND Care Centre in Preston.  We first met Julie when she was team leader of the Colne & District Nurses – ironically just outside Samlesbury with a team of walkers whilst they were on their first 30-mile charity walk in aid of Motor Neurone Disease. In 2019, the NHS teams, family and friends raised an outstanding £12,280 on their walk from Preston Hospital to Burnley Fire Station. 

Clitheroe Community Hospital
Why Clitheroe you ask? Folks may recognise Sharon Lee Robinson – she used to run Lulu Mae’s at the top of Windy Bank in Colne. What you may not know is that she is now a ward Sister at Clitheroe Community Hospital.

You can’t miss her at the Blues festival and I have to admit that I’m often nearby (honestly she forces me to drink beer with her. Can’t say no … have to do my bit for the community!).  Additionally, these photo’s have cost me breakfast after the lock down is lifted!

Royal Blackburn Hospital
Let’s not forget NHS staff at the Royal Blackburn Hospital. Here are a bunch of them that raising money for charity back in Sep 2018.

Plus … Our next generation of Doctors, Nurses etc
Here are a few of the medical students at Newcastle University, just graduated as Doctors. They’re being hastily soaked into the system and no doubt will be deployed immediately. You can recognise them from their uniforms, perhaps, but in reality they are normal people who want to help & often put themselves in harms way.

These, of course, are some of my friends … last time we met was on rescue training weekend for scuba divers in Wastwater.  The whole weekend was centred around random rescue scenarios. We had a real life rescue situation, as I managed a rapid ascent from 20m and missed my safety stop whilst practising a controlled lift of an unconscious diver.  My lovely friend (now Dr. Emily Rowlands) looked after me and also administered 100% oxygen as a precaution. She even gave me her hat so that I could to keep warm!

Many thanks to the following people for supplying photo’s: 
Mel Wilson Horne, Becca Fee, Julie Sala, Sharon Lee Robinson, Tracey Smith and Dr. Emily Rowlands.

Photos: © Various (as above).

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