Merry Christmas 2019 from Pendle East District Nurses

Pendle East District Nurses wish everyone a Merry Christmas (2019)

Well, the Pendle East District Nurses have done it again … their own version of this popular Christmas tune … NHS style.

Christmas Song

Time for bed; and it’s snowing
And you lie, awake knowing
You’ll not get no sleep,
You’ll be scared that it’s deep
And we’ll be working in a winter wonderland.

Slip and Slide; and it’s quite hairy
Park the car, because it’s scary
It takes twice as long
But we keep walking along,
Working in a winter wonderland

You might be scared that you will miss your visit
We’ll get there safelyl hiking across the town
We may be late and cole and tired and hungry
But we’ll do our best to never let you down!

Winter tyres have proved defective
But we’re safe, personal and effective!!
It’s worked like a dream; we’re one hell of a team,
Working in a winter wonderland

Time for bed, and it’s still snowing,
And you’ll go to bed knowing
We had a great shift, no one got stuck in a drift
While we’re working in a winter wonderland.


Pendle East District Nurses – Merry Christmas!
Our local team of District Nurses are an absolutely fabulous bunch … you only need to spend a short while in their company to realise this.

On arriving at Colne Health Centre, they were just starting to singing their Christmas song … the room was buzzing with Christmas cheer.   Perfect! After their performance, photo’s were easy – they were all perfectly arranged, so didn’t have to lift a finger to organise anyone! 

You can’t help but be swept along with their positive vibes. Indeed a few days ago, they were spreading more Christmas cheer – Christmas gift bags & hampers were distributed to deserving residents of Pendle by the integrated neighbourhood teams.  They are always very busy people, but have hearts of gold and always have time to help.

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