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Pendle Togssupporting Pendle Dogs in Need

The Pendle Togs clothes shop is a relatively new shop located on Albert Road, Colne which sells clothes, shoes and accessories.  Most of the stock are ‘returns’ that are donated by a local catalogue company.  The items  are described, and sold, as “seconds” – but to be fair, they look pretty new! There are some well-known brand name items which are sold at very cheap prices.

Supporting the Local Community
The shop helps raise funds for Pendle Dogs in Need. This non-profit organisation is very well known locally for their work and have widespread support within the community.

If that wasn’t enough, selected items are donated directly to Maggie Owens (who runs the Commercial Hotel) to help the homeless, SafeSpace in Nelson (‘The Zone’ for their community work) and also to Park High School (e.g for their prom night scheme). 

Inside Pendle Togs Shop
The items sold are mainly for the ladies, however there is a small selection of menswear in the rear room. Ladies sizes range from 4 to 24+. In case you are wondering, there are changing rooms.

High-Street Brand Names 
A glance at the labels and logo’s and everyone will know the score. New stock usually arrives every two weeks or so.

RIP Retail Prices
There are price tags on the items, but the actual sale price is governed by a coloured spot on the tag.  The coloured spots are Red £3, Blue £5 and Yellow £10.  There are items priced up to £25, but they would be for items that usually commanded a high retail price tag.  All shoes are £10 and handbags £5.

Halloween In Colne – 2019
Even though Pendle Togs has only been open a few weeks, they’re immediately contributing to the local community – they have a great Halloween display and they’ve entered the Halloween Window Competition (organised by the Colne Town Council).  Don’t forget, it’s Halloween In Colne (2019) on Sat 26th October.

Contact Details
Pendle Togs
Address: 14 Albert Rd, Colne, BB8 0LP.

Pendle Dogs in Need:

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