Quiet walk around Colne

Community events have been pretty much non-existent since Covid (March 2020), but today we managed a quiet walk around Colne town centre.

Whilst sat on a bench opposite Colne Town Hall, just watching the world go by, we spotted the lovely Naomi Crew at work.  So we took the opportunity for a set of quick socially distanced photo’s.

If you’re wondering why Naomi was working on a Saturday morning & afternoon, it was because Colne Town Hall was hosting a wedding event.  Hosting wedding events is a relatively new addition to the services offered at Colne Town Hall – this was the second wedding held there since the recent refurbishment. In fact, it was the first wedding that has been held during the Covid-19 period.  (This in itself comes with a whole host of restrictions).

A number of people were sat outside Colne Library – mainly one person to a bench, me included.  The area in front of the Library was subject to some works with much of the pavement dug up … so wasn’t a particularly appealing for photo’s.

As much as I wanted a late breakfast, this wasn’t happening … (that was the weekend 17/18th October – we believe this isolation period ended on 20-Oct …).

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