R&B Line Up – Saturday 25th August 2018

The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival - official Line up for Saturday.

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The Venue12:00Good Foxy
The Duke of Lancaster12:00Rory Hendrix
Rileys Stage12:00PHYT
Union Exchange12:30The Switch
The Muni13:00J-Bear & The Giants
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre13:00Dan Burnett Band
The Crown Hotel13:00Bone Idols
Colne & Nelson Rugby Club13:00Raphael Callaghan
The Venue13:00Bluesadelic
Rileys Stage13:00Mollie Jesson
Mini Muni13:30The Savages
The Little Theatre14:00Tom Doughty
The Duke of Lancaster14:00Dr Bob And The Bluesmakers
Rileys Stage14:00Tickety-boo
The Muni14:20Robert J Hunter
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre14:20The Catfish Blues Orchestra
The Admiral Lord Rodney14:30Marcus Lazarus
Colne & Nelson Rugby Club14:30The Stand In Blues Band
Union Exchange14:30Emma Wilson Blues Band
Market Street Tavern14:30Jonny Rooster
Mini Muni15:00Calum Ingram
The Crown Hotel15:00Crow Black Chicken
The Dressers15:00Archie Vox
The Venue15:00Connor Selby
Rileys Stage15:00Tom Richardson
The Little Theatre15:15Ged Wilson
Esquire Lounge15:30Alexander & Tristesse
The Muni15:40Chris King Robinson
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre15:40Backwater Roll
The 12 Bar16:00Raphael Callaghan
The Dressers16:00Bluesadelic
The Duke of Lancaster16:00Big Daddy’S Breakfast Voodoo
The Alternative Stage16:00The Switch
Rileys Stage16:00Sean Roche
The Little Theatre16:30Niall Kelly
Mini Muni16:30The Devil’S Jukebox
Market Street Tavern16:30The Worried Men
The Muni17:00Lisa Mills
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre17:00Charlotte Marshall & The 45S
Colne Royal British Legion Club17:00The Voodoo Sheiks
The Admiral Lord Rodney17:00The Alex Fawcett Band
Colne & Nelson Rugby Club17:00Earlymac
Tubbs of Colne17:00Wilson
Union Exchange17:00Into The Blue
The Venue17:00Suburban
The Alternative Stage17:00Little Victories
Rileys Stage17:00Matt Whatley
Aura Stage17:00Jake Dixon
Uptown Boutique17:00Mollie & Kelsie
The Crown Hotel17:30Dr Bob And The Bluesmakers
The Little Theatre17:45Fran Mcgillvray & Mike Burke
Mini Muni18:00Mojo Preachers
The Dressers18:00Crow Black Chicken
The Duke of Lancaster18:00Big Wolf Band
The Alternative Stage18:00Ellis Moore & The Encores
Rileys Stage18:00Turtle Blues
Aura Stage18:00Ben Blue Waters
The Muni18:20Zoe Green Band
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre18:20The Chris Corcoran Trio Ft Katie Bradley
Carlo's18:30James Sayer
The Little Theatre19:00Jack J Hutchinson
The Venue19:00The Sharpeez
The Alternative Stage19:00Exposition
Esquire Lounge19:00Tom Richardson
Aura Stage19:00Kart Francis
Uptown Boutique19:00Odall
Mini Muni19:30Blues Boy Kings
Colne Royal British Legion Club19:30The Stand In Blues Band
The Admiral Lord Rodney19:30Big Daddy’S Breakfast Voodoo
Union Exchange19:30Swampgrass
Rileys Stage19:30Guys & Dolls
The Muni19:40The Malone Sibun Band
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre19:40The Wolves
The 12 Bar20:00Chris Martin
The Crown Hotel20:00Emma Wilson Blues Band
The Dressers20:00Ellis Moore & The Encores 
The Duke of Lancaster20:00Connor Selby
Colne & Nelson Rugby Club20:00Dawson Smith And The Dissenters
The Alternative Stage20:00Record Street
Aura Stage20:00Vincent O'Brien
Carlo's20:30The Almaz Duo
Rileys Stage20:30Risa Hall
The Muni21:00Rufus Black
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre21:00Sam Kelly’S Station House
Mini Muni21:00Mad Jack And The Hatters
Tubbs of Colne21:00Chris Martin
The Venue21:00Wait And Blues
The Alternative Stage21:00Walter Mitty's Head
Aura Stage21:00Turtle Blues
Rileys Stage21:45Jersey Boys
The Dressers22:00Leavin’ Trunk
The Duke of Lancaster22:00The Sharpeez
Colne Royal British Legion Club22:00Earlymac
The Admiral Lord Rodney22:00The Welsh T Band
Colne & Nelson Rugby Club22:00Intercity Blues Band
Union Exchange22:00Alex Fawcett Band
The Alternative Stage22:00Craig Woolsencroft
Aura Stage22:00Risa Hall
The Muni22:30Simon Mcbride
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre22:30My Baby
The Crown Hotel22:30Big Wolf Band
Rileys Stage22:30CJLJ
The Alternative Stage23:59Fandjango

These listings include the official venues & these fringe & other venues:-
Alternative Stage: Greenfield Arts Centre, Greenfield Road, BB8 9PD. (Courtesy of Suff Studio & Greenfield Arts Centre).
Aura Stage (Hair Saloon): 13 Albert Rd, Colne BB8 0RY.
Esquire Lounge, 125 Albert Rd, Colne BB8 0BT.
Market Street Tavern, 8 Market St, Colne BB8 0HS.
Riley Stage: Rileys Bar, 76 Albert Road, Colne.
Uptown Boutique:14 Albert Rd, Colne BB8 0AA.

Links to R&B Line-up for each day:-
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