Barrowford Community Choir

Barrowford Community Choir signing

Barrowford Community Choir were singing to a completely packed out cafe in Booths Barrowford on Sat 8th Dec 2018. They oozed Christmas cheer, whilst fundraising for Pendleside Hospice and MIND.

Barrowford Community Choir are not your run-of-the-mill choir.  They sing a mix of very lively and cheery songs … often with hefty does dose of their own unique quirkiness thrown in.  There are a couple of rough & ready video’s at the end of this article. The choir was conducted by a very enthusiastic and energetic Helen Livesey.  Be warned though, they have a very infectious positive vibe and are so much fun! 

They have only been up and running for about a year and practice weekly at the cafe in Booths, Barrowford (every Monday at 8pm).  They’re looking for tenors but are more than happy for anyone that is interested to join in!  If you’re interested in joining them, then get in touch with one of their organisers (pictured below).

Organisers : Beth Shutt, Helen Livesey & Jane Burby 

We were asked to attend by a few of our local nurses, who are members of the choir.  We were told they’ll be playing at about 11am at Booths, in the foyer.  Well, there was no sign of anyone in the foyer when we got there! Ooh, have we missed them? A quick chat to one staff member revealed nothing – she’d only just arrived and was setting up a festive taster stall.   The second member of staff directed us to the cafe upstairs.  Wow! The room was packed and the choir was massive! Totally unprepared for the scale of it! 

Really nice listening to you and meeting you all. Good luck with the choir – it’s clearly a massive success.

Many thanks to the management staff on duty at Booths for giving permissions for photography etc.

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