Fire Crews – Train at Earnie’s

Crews from Lancashire Fire & Rescue use Earnie’s to train in zero visibility.

Monday evening is training night for our local Fire Crews and Mon 18th March 2019 was no exception. They were back at Earnie’s for the second week in a row.  This time they were training in a smoke filled environment.  Visibility in the upper corridors and rooms was zero.  Fire crews loved the opportunity to train in these hazardous conditions, practising search & recovery skills and equipment usage.

One crew recovered two ‘bodies’ … an adult and baby from the rescue scenario … whilst other members monitored their progress and stats on a control board.  Thermal imaging equipment was used and sometimes it was simply by touch & feeling! After multiple drills, the crews practised venting the area and used their powerful portable fan to clear the smoke.

Drills were conducted in almost no light and we’re quite surprised that we have any reasonable photo’s at all!

Colne Fire Station are still recruiting Retained Firefighters, so if you are interested in joining them, then get in touch with the station manager or one of the crew.  Pop down to the Fire Station on a Monday evening (after about 6.30 pm) and have a chat with them. They’re a friendly bunch, you can’t go wrong.

If you missed the previous training session at Earnie’s, then you can read it here.

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