Time to Tackle Drug Problems on the Streets and in the Towns

Liberal Democrat Councillor Dorothy Lord is calling on Pendle Council to carry out a review of the growing problem of drug-taking on the streets and in the towns of Pendle.

She has tabled a motion for the meeting of Pendle Council on Tuesday 26th March which reads:
“Pendle Council expresses its strong concern at the continuing and increasing evidence of drug-taking in public place in Pendle and with the public health aspects of drug-taking”.
She is also calling on Councillors to set up a Scrutiny Working Group to “consider, take evidence and produce recommendations for dealing with this problem.”
Councillor Lord said:
“We know that there are growing problems of often younger people taking drugs on street corners, on pieces of amenity land and in woodland areas, on play areas and round the backs of buildings, and leaving behind syringes and other stuff. This is often where young children play and it is just not acceptable.
We also know that there is growing use of cocaine in particular in and around public houses and other places where people go out in the evening. This again is not acceptable and is not a sensible way of spending an enjoyable evening for anyone.
We are not saying there is any easy answer or that it is something that is only happening here in Colne or other Pendle towns – it’s a growing problem all over the country. But we live here in Colne and in Pendle and we have a duty to do what we can to tackle it.”
It needs efforts from many other agencies working together and the Borough Council is not the main authority – and that many people are already doing what they can. “But we think the Council can do something to help and to get people working together which is why we are tabling this motion with the intention of it leading to action” said Councillor Lord.

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