Remembrance Sunday 2020

Members the Colne Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club held a private service at the Colne War Memorial early Sunday morning.  The service was held way in advance of the usual routine, so that social […]

Bygone Times

Scapa Flow – Remembrance Tributes

Scapa Flow (Orkey Islands) area is crammed with military history from both World Wars.  A significant portion of the captured German fleet was scuttled in WW1 and is home to various war graves, like the […]


Colne – Halloween 2020

Halloween displays  A few of the Halloween displays around Colne … we certainly haven’t managed to capture them all.  Lovely spider and pumpkin display in the glasshouse outside the Colne Market Hall.  There were quite […]


Bargain Booze & Covid

Staff from Bargain Booze inform us that they will continue to be open during the new National Covid-19 lockdown period, which starts on Thursday 5th Nov. Again, we were *lucky* to be passing by whilst […]


Chosen by Jessica – Xmas window display

Chosen by Jessica start putting up their Christmas window display. Whilst visiting Colne, we were lucky enough to spot staff from Chosen By Jessica constructing their Christmas  window display. Stopping off for a socially distanced […]