Chosen By Jessica – 1st place Christmas in Colne 2019 – Window Dressing Competition

Chosen By Jessica – 1st place Christmas in Colne 2019 – Window Dressing Competition

Chosen by Jessica was selected for first place in the Christmas In Colne window dressing competition and traders all over town agree that it’s very impressive display.   The Christmas tree display in the entrance hall of Norway house was a joint effort by Chosen By Jessica and Plan-it Opticians.

We popped into Chosen by Jessica to talk to the staff, but they were way too busy with customers … so didn’t disturb them & instead settled for a few more Christmas photo’s inside the shop!

Chosen by Jessica are online too!
Browse their store on Amazon: Chosen By Jessica

Results of the Window Dressing Competition (Christmas in Colne 2019)
Christmas in Colne: Window Dressing Competition – 1st Place: Chosen By Jessica
Christmas in Colne: Window Dressing Competition – 2nd Place: Glasshouse display (outside the Market Hall)
Christmas in Colne: Window Dressing Competition – 3rd Place: Molly Mae’s Florist

Chosen by Jessica & the Co-op’s “New Central Premises Building”
Chosen By Jessica has a very prominent shop frontage that faces the very busy Albert Road, so it’s sure to attract attention over the festive season.  Even so, their shop is a small section of the much larger Norway House. That whole building was originally built by the Colne & District Co-op as their ‘New Central Premises’.

Back in the ‘golden days’ of the Co-op you’d be looking at the Co-operative Furniture Department.  The Co-op itself has been subject to some attention recently, as the last Co-operative shop in Colne closed on Sat 23rd Dec 2019.  That was a hugely sad day in the town’s history, as the Co-op has featured heavily in Colne since around 1848. Back in the day, the Co-op was a massive operation

For a trip down memory lane, have a look at our ‘Then & Now’ series on the Colne & District Co-op.


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