Market Hall – 2nd place Christmas in Colne 2019 – Window Dressing Competition

Market Hall awarded 2nd place in the Christmas In Colne Window Dressing Competition

The Colne Market Hall was awarded second place in the window dressing competition that was part of the Christmas in Colne 2019 event.  

Well done to staff at the Market Hall – especially Steven (Manager for Colne & Nelson Markets), Billy-Joanne ,Nigel and Kirsty.  We witnessed both of them working very hard at creating this impressive display.

We visited the glasshouse for several days running hoping to get a picture of the final display. But, each time we were thwarted by one reason or another  – either work in progress or the weather causing complications.  Any vaguely reasonable pictures were a struggle … – the moisture & bright sunlight were causing total chaos.

Results of the Window Dressing Competition (Christmas in Colne 2019)
Christmas in Colne: Window Dressing Competition – 1st Place: Chosen By Jessica
Christmas in Colne: Window Dressing Competition – 2nd Place: Glasshouse display (outside the Market Hall)
Christmas in Colne: Window Dressing Competition – 3rd Place: Molly Mae’s Florist

Colne Market Hall
The Christmas display in the glasshouse is certainly impressive, especially when the various lights are on.  Don’t forget that during the Christmas in Colne 2019 event, the Market Hall offered so much more.

A fabulous, and very busy,  Santa’s Grotto brought smiles to the visiting children and their families whilst fundraising for HomeStart – all the proceeds from the Grotto (and various activities all Dec) are being donated to the local charity.  Santa and his Elf were working extremely hard all day long, so there was hardly any time to grab pictures!

There were arts & crafts, the market was seasonally decorated and many traders were in costume to enhance the Christmas spirit of the event.

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