Colne Co-op – Members Calendar 1920.

Colne & District Co-Op: Members Calendar 1920

The Colne & District Co-op members calendar 1920 lists a whole bunch of business premises. 

There were shops all around Colne for: grocery, butchering, boot & shoe, clogs and confectionery & cafe. At the central premises (Norway House, Albert Road), there were also multiple departments: furnishing, drapery, millinery, tailoring etc.

There was a painting & plumbing dept on Church Street, a coal dept at Colne Railway Station. On Stanley Street: bakery, pork butchering, joinery & undertaking, dairy and abattoirs! Also, note the long opening hours.

Colne Library: Our Community Resource
This material is contained in the archives at Colne Library and it probably could have been found by spending a fair bit of time & effort doing some research. But, Kathryn Pana (one of the traders in the Colne Market Hall) was told about it by the staff at Colne Library whilst they were discussing her books (Putting Everything on the Line) and also our recent ‘Now & Then’ stories.

When Kathryn told us about this, we were already in Colne photographing various old Co-op buildings – so we immediately headed off to the Library.  Many thanks to the super helpful Library staff for providing access to this material at such short notice (and also kindly providing us with a colour photocopy of the poster).  A fabulous example of what can be achieved when the community works together.

Do you have any extra information relating to the Colne & District Co-Op? Perhaps a photo, negatives or slides, advertisements, posters etc? Feel free to drop us an email at or message us on Facebook.  We’re happy to get in touch and include relevant information and ensure our local history is safeguarded.

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