Earnie’s – Setting up for the Blues

Earnie’s are an Official Roadhouse for the Colne Blues Festival 2019 and have finished setting up their temporary bar. This bar will be located in the skating rink area, right next to Leo’s Juice Bar.

They’ll have a selection of Northern Whisper drinks on draft which include :- Chatterbox (American Pale Ale, 4.5%), Helles Fire (4% Helles lager) and Sure Footed (4% Pale Ale). Plus wine, soft drinks etc.

There’s plenty of space at the bar and the tables have been moved onto the roller rink area, along with the setup for the bands … Meet the manager & some of bar staff ..

Owners Paul & Claire Earnshaw … Paul is showing one of our local PCSO’s around Earnie’s – as a new venue & a new Roadhouse, it makes perfect sense to have a look around.  Claire is pictured down in the pool area, where the food court is.  There are two food units opened … one serves Pizza’s and the other ice creams.

The new Pizza food outlet …

The top floor of Earnie’s is usually a roller rink area, so already has a lot of available space, a fully functioning sound system, DJ area’s, a juice bar, a small arcade area (and downstairs has the pool tables).

Hmm, we’re not sure about the text to go with the hand … great idea, but might need re-doing! Ha! 

Rhythm  & Blues Line-ups for 2019:-
R&B Line Up: Fri 23rd August 2019
R&B Line Up: Sat 24th August 2019
R&B Line Up: Sun 25th August 2019
R&B Line Up: Mon 26th August 2019

Earnie’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/earniescolne/

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