Gala Queen & Princess selected for 2019

Colne Gala Queen & Princess selected for 2019
Congratulations to Sophie Judge – our new Gala Queen and to Jada Barlow – our new Gala Princess! These two ladies now have the responsibility of representing Colne at the Colne Gala (15th June 2019) and at various other official events.

Every year, the Colne Gala Committee runs a competition to select the Gala Queen & Gala Princess for the coming year.  The event is usually held at the Northern Life offices. 

The Contestants
The contestants, family and Judges gather at the Northern Life reception area. Also, all gathered together for the announcement of the Colne Gala Queen & Princess.

Other contestants included Isla Mai Hesketh, Katie Leigh Thompson, Millie Robinson, Kayleigh Ann Thompson and Ella Mai McDowall.

The Judges 
The Judges formulated their plan of action for the interview process and used Judges sheets to keep track of scores for the various questions. The actual selection criteria is quite varied and covers perhaps half a dozen or more attributes.  The Judges for the competition were Evelyn Thornber, Susan Scofield, Kay Greenwood and Karen Shaw.

Announcing the Gala Queen & Princess
The selection for the Gala Princess is announced first (Jada Barlow), followed by the Gala Queen (Sophie Judge). Here we see the moment that each one is selected … 

The Gala Queen & Princess
At this point everyone is buzzing and very excitable, but it’s a good time to get used to the attention and photo’s!

Judges & the Gala Committee
The Judges and Colne Gala Committee really do put a huge amount of work into making the Colne Gala happen. However, there are only a few Committee members. A successful Gala requires a huge amount of behind-the-scenes work and although the Committee resources are limited, they somehow achieve it. 

They would love additional help from anyone interesting in helping out, so if you’re looking for something worthwhile to do for your local community, then look no further! The current Gala Committee members are Gary Seed, Donal Leaver, Mick Heyslop, Neil Butterworth, Evelyn Thornber, Susan Scofield and Claire Matthews. 

Many thanks to Northern Life for their continued support – from the use of  their facilities, providing refreshments to judging!  Just in case there is the odd person that is unaware, Northern Life produce the (free) Colne Life magazine and also the Northern Life magazine.

The Colne Gala also have their own Facebook page at

Many thanks to Neil Butterworth, Gary Seed and the rest of the Gala Committee for giving us the privilege of attending the competition for the selection process and for their help with other information relating to the Gala.  

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