MND Fundraising Walk 2019

P2B4MND Team – Preston to Burnley (Walk) for MND
Sat 21st September saw about 80 walkers embark on a 24-mile walk in order to raise awareness of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and to fund raise for two MND charities (the MND Association and the Lancashire & South Cumbria MND Care & Research Centre).

Health care professionals from Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, East Lancashire Hospitals Trust, the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, family and friends took part in the walk.  This included representatives from Royal Preston Hospital, Royal Blackburn Hospital, Colne & District Nursing team etc. 

This walk is now in its 5th year and, over the previous years, has raised over £30,000 for their target causes. On the first ever walk (which was a 30-mile walk from Preston to Colne), we spotted the walkers near Huntley’s Country Hotel and introduced ourselves to a bunch of bemused walkers who were obviously thinking “who are these guys?” and then started taking pictures. Since then, we’ve been very privileged to be invited to their yearly fundraising walk and also to help out with whole bunch of other associated behind-the-scenes activities (e.g. radio interviews, TV interviews, promotional photo’s etc.). The whole team is fabulous – they’re all extremely passionate about what they do and are 100% committed to our local communities.

This year, they were sponsored by Argos, Clayton Park Bakery, Tesco, The Home Improvement Studio, Lawrence Hotel, Mooch cafe, and The Hardware Store Padiham.

Royal Preston Hospital

As usual, walkers assembled at the Royal Preston Hospital for a pre-walk chat and a photo or two before heading off on their 24-mile trek to Burnley Fire Station.  


The support vehicles arrived first and they confirmed the walking route & stop-off points:-
Royal Preston Hospital, via Tickle Trout, to Huntley’s in Samlesbury, then along the A59 to Foxfields Country Hotel, then via Whalley onto The Home Improvement Studio in Read, then Mooch Cafe in Padiham and finally to Burnley Fire Station.

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