Treasure Our Town Inspection & Clean-Up

Treasure Our Town – Inspection Walk & Litter Pick

This year volunteers from Colne Town Council, Colne BID and team members from the volunteer group ‘Pickup for Pendle‘ made up the ‘Treasure our Town’ inspection & clean-up team.

They met at the Tower Bar and their route was down the road past the Northern Life offices, cleaning up the gardens that front the Colne Health Centre, outside the Police Station Fire Station & West Street School, followed by the car parks on Midgley St. and Colne Lane.

‘Treasure Our Town’ is a initiative that was started by the Colne Town Council about 5 years go.  It operates once a year, roughly around the same time, and takes about an hour or so. Basically, volunteers walk a chosen route around Colne and look for area’s that can be improved.  In fact, anything that is unsightly, ‘wonky’ or broken.  Whilst en route, of course, they take the opportunity to clean up as much litter as they can.

This event took just over an hour – so, if you’re interested in helping, it isn’t a massive sacrifice of your personal time.A little bit of care and attention, over time, makes a huge positive impact on the area.

Interested in helping out?

To volunteer for the ‘Treasure Our Town’ initiative, contact Colne Town Council. (Once yearly)
To volunteer for litter picks around the Waterside area, contact Alice Mann. (Weekly)
To volunteer for ‘Colne in Bloom’, contact any of the Colne in Bloom Team(e.g. Alice Mann, Dorothy Lord. Weekly).

If you don’t fancy any of those, there are plenty of other opportunities (such as volunteering for the Colne Blues Festival, helping out at places like the Colne Muni or Hippodrome).  Furthermore, Colne Town Council are always on the lookout for anyone wanting to start a new volunteering group … for more information, have a look at their volunteering opportunities.

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