Wild West Day Event

Colne Town Centre: Wild West Day Event

Colne Markets held a WILD WEST DAY on Sat 6th April 2019. There were stalls outside, a fancy dress competition for the children, a pie eating competition plus other entertainment.

We first chatted to the ladies from the local Co-Op shop who were manning their stall.  They were raising funds for the local ‘Home Start’ charity.  Shortly afterwards, Billie-Joanne (Market Hall staff) spotted us and gave us the heads up of what was planned for the day.

Musical entertainment, children’s rides & activities, food & sweet stalls, plus stalls from the local Scouts, Sea Cadets and Girlguides (well, they cover Rainbow, Brownie, Girl Guide and Ranger!).  Obviously, they were looking to attract local interest and new members.

We chatted to one of the Sea Cadets for quite some time and, since they had some rope on hand, we ended up challenging each other to make knots! Bowline, bowline on a bight, anchor bends, shortening rope knots etc.  Fair to say, they knew their stuff! They even taught me a few new knots designed to help throw rope further without using a throw bag. Impressive. 

Of course, there was a fancy dress competition and also a pie eating competition. The Sea Cadets dominated the pie competition … I think they wanted the prize! After the competition, Sophie decided to make sure any extra pie wasn’t wasted … well, OK, we *may* have encouraged her a little!

Colne Community
As it was a reasonably sunny day, many of our locals were out and about. As always, we took the opportunity to have a chat with them: Anna & her mum, the infamous duo Lexi & Ruby and even managed a selfie with the super talented Brooke! These young ladies are all well known us, as they are all part of the fabulous Helen Green Dance Academy and they are plugged into the community literally everywhere. Can’t miss these guys, especially with their distinctive dance jackets. Fast forward to a week and they’re competing in the Skegness Dance Competition … bringing home a whole raft of trophies. By a ‘whole raft’, we mean about 190 trophies!

Annie Morris turned up with her partner and, at our request, kindly posed at the Market Cross for us, along with Gemma and her family.  (We hadn’t met Gemma before today, but it was her birthday, so was a great opportunity to have friendly chat. Happy birthday!). 

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