Water Safety Boards installed at Lower Foulridge Reservoir

Water safety boards have been installed at Lower Foulridge reservoir. This came about from a joint effort between Mel Goodship, Lancashire Fire & Rescue and the Canal & River Trust.

The water safety boards consist of some simple, but visually effective warning signs plus information on what to do in case someone is struggling in the water and also access to a throw bag & a whistle.  These life saving pieces of equipment are protected in a secure box, to prevent vandalism. (Sadly, quite lifesaver equipment is often damaged or found to be missing when needed).  Local knowledge has been used to determine the most effective locations for these boards, often where swimmers have been spotted in the past.

You can see the high-impact effect when compared with the existing safety signs.

The ‘official announcement’ of these water safety boards was held on Fri 21st June 2019 – just one day prior to the 5th year anniversary for James Goodship, who drowned in the reservoir in 2014.  It consisted background information given to the audience by Lancashire Fire & Rescue and also a rather emotional speech by Mel Goodship.  Following that, we all made our may to one of the water safety boards and LFRS explained it in detail.

There was a demonstration of how to use a throw line to rescue someone in the water. Well done to the students of Park High School for helping out.  You guys did a great job … not even worried about being interviewed by film crews and reporters from radio stations. 

Of course, the safety of the proceedings was closely monitored by LRFS (all fully kitted out in rescue equipment, their rescue dinghy at the water side and a Fire appliance in the boat yard).

The event was kindly hosted by the Burwain Sailing Club and everyone met at their clubhouse at around 11 am.  When we arrived, TV crews were already on the case and interviewing key people.  Obviously, the Goodship family were present, members of LFRS, the Fire Prevention teams, representatives from the Canal & River Trust, last year’s Mayor of Pendle (James Starkie) and students from Park High School along with their Headmaster.

The first photo we took was of the Park High School students and they explained to us that they were all ‘house captains’ at Park High.  They also explained what this meant and also happily answered all my questions on their badges etc.  Have to say, a lovely bunch of well mannered people!

Other photo’s from the day :-

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