Daffodils donated to Park Primary Project

Daffodil bulbs donated to Park Primary School

A large bag of daffodil bulbs were presented to Park Primary School by Dorothy Lord, Alice Mann and Pete Jagger from Stells Famous Pet Stores.  

Dorothy came up with the idea of donating daffodil bulbs to the school after hearing about their new flower and gardening projects from her grandson. Dorothy said, 

“My grandson told me about it when I picked him up from school the other week. I decided then that I would contribute some spring bulbs. I asked Alice to come along to get them on the Colne In Bloom spectrum.”

Dorothy bought the bulbs herself, but was supported by Stells Famous Pet Stores who supplied them at cost.  Alice Mann took the opportunity to hand out flyers from Colne in Bloom of the various competitions and to promote the close collaboration of Colne in Bloom with local schools. A favourite saying of Alice is “the more, the merrier!”. (Immediately after this visit, we briefly visited Christ Church Primary School in Laneshawbridge on behalf of Colne in Bloom).

Following the presentation, Margaret Brown gave a comprehensive tour of their facilities and explained their vision for the future. We also discussed a possible inspection of a WW2 air raid bunker … but that’s going to be another story…

Park Primary have recently installed a number of flower planters in the school yard. These are not just to ‘look good’ … they are designed to engage the children, nurture their interest and develop their skills … whilst, of course, being fun!

They also have a ‘Gardening Club’ area for the children in the school grounds to grow vegetables, although it is quite difficult to access at the moment due to extensive renovation works.  The school is hoping to bring it back into use in 2020. 

Additionally, they have access to another piece of land (a short walk from the school) which they are using to further engage the children … they’re in the early stages of creating this space, but already it has a little butterfly garden area.

Park Primary – Fundraising for a new outdoor gym area
It’s very clear that Park Primary are committed to giving their children a great outdoor environment and continue to strive to try to give them access to even more facilities.  On Sun 13th October 2019, staff (plus some parents) took part in the Manchester Half Marathon to raise funds for an outdoor gym area for the kids. Read more about Park Primary – Manchester Half Marathon.

If you wish to help the school, feel free to donate to their fundraising page.

Park Primary – Opening Day – 20th October 2019

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