Park Primary sing Christmas Carols to guests at the Pavilion Cafe

Park Primary sing Christmas Carols to guests at the Pavilion Cafe

On Tue 10th Dec 2019, guests booked into the Pavilion Cafe for a Christmas meal had a special treat – they were entertained by students from Park Primary School who sang a number of Christmas Carols. 

Our day – not quite to plan!
Of course, capturing the community wasn’t quite as straightforward as we had planned. The day started in Nelson, taking pictures of the last minute Labour rally with Jeremy Corbyn.   Mr. Corbyn was scheduled to arrive at 9.30 am, but was approx 40 minutes late.  Essentially, this meant that we were 40 minutes late in arriving at Colne Parish Church – where children from Park Primary School were singing Christmas Carols.

By the time we arrived at 10.40 am, the whole event was finishing up – we missed it.  That was a total disaster! But, the teachers were arranging for most of the children to return to Park Primary and a few were due to sing to dinner guests at the Pavilion Cafe (Alkincoats Park) at about 12.15 pm.  So, with permission from the teachers, we met them there.  Superb performances by all the children.  

(Of course, we sent our pictures to Park Primary School prior to using them in this story to check that we had all the necessary permissions in place. Thank you to Kirsty Wiseman of Park Primary for the background work).

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