Eadie’s Brownies

Eadie’s Brownies
Eadie’s Brownies was launched on 16th May 2020 and has been blessed with an instant success.  On the first day, the Eadie’s Brownies website sold out all their delicious brownies within an hour or so! It’s been the same story every time the website has been ‘restocked’ to date. Indeed, it makes a refreshing change during this grim Covid-19 lock-down period to see, and be involved with, the birth of a new local business. We’ve been sat on this information for about a month now and have been itching to release such a positive story!

Their primary focus is to sell brownies online. In just a few weeks, they have acquired many local customers plus customers from Bath, Norfolk and as far away as Northern Ireland.  “Enough of the chatter – let’s see those brownies” you say? OK, we hear you …

Eadie’s Brownies – their offerings
Brownies will be in boxes of 6 or 12 and all flavours that can be found on the website are available.
Choose boxes of 6 or 12 of your favourite brownie, try a mixed box where you can choose THREE flavours, or let them choose for you with a surprise box!

Eadie’s Brownies – Born from the lock-down of Eadie’s Kitchen
Most of the local community will be well aware of “Eadie’s Kitchen” – a local business located on Albert Road, Colne and they recently celebrated their 1st year anniversary (Feb 2020). They offer refreshments, food and also brownies, cakes and other goodies for those with a passion for sweet stuff.  They are very closely related to Eadie’s Brownies, but they are being operated by Sara Ramsey & Greg Ramsey as separate businesses.

Indeed, Eadie’s Kitchen were doing very well prior to lock-down and were hosts to the Natter Shack Scheme (Thursday mornings) and also the Colne Book Club.  One of our favourites is the breakfast bap (picture a “Scooby Snack” type burger tower!), yet the ladies seem to love the sweet stuff – yes, even for breakfast!

… then came the Covid-19 lock-down and, in an instant, their business was closed. They were left wondering how this would affect their livelihoods and this generally is an extremely worrying period for anyone in business. We know full well that the harsh reality is that some businesses just will not survive. So, after thinking about what they could do and what opportunities the lock-down presented, they decided to create a new business to sell their brownies online! They’ve worked really hard to start-up so quickly and to solve the obvious problems. 

At Colne Talk, we were more than happy to assist with their start-up requirements wherever we could. Now, I’m not usually a keen on all things sweet, but I have to say those brownies are excellent!  It’s really nice to a local business expanding into a wider market … it has much so potential.

Eadie’s Brownies – Contact Details
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eadiesbrownies/
Website : https://www.eadiesbrownies.co.uk/

The website can be used to place orders online, for delivery. Local customers that wish to purchase can also arrange collection by messaging the Eadie’s Brownies Facebook page where pickup (from the Eadie’s Kitchen cafe) can be arranged.

Note: At the time of writing (05th June 2020), the Eadie’s Kitchen Cafe itself is not yet open to the general public for business.

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