The Natter Shack Scheme

The Natter Shack Scheme is gaining popularity week by week

Today, we visited the Natter Shack in The Lounge, Barrowford and then immediately afterwards headed over to the Natter Shack at the Pavilion Cafe, Colne.

The group was originally setup by Tracey Smith and it’s taken us several weeks to manage a meet with her.  She tells us that the original idea came to her whilst she was having lunch with her daughter at The Lounge, Barrowford. She saw several people sitting on their own and one woman eventually started talking to her.

Tracey said :-

“It got me thinking about how many other people are out there that may be retired/lost a loved one or just lonely that would love to have lunch or a coffee and just sit and chat and make new friends and relax in a nice atmosphere. It’s hard these days meeting new friends if you don’t have hobbies or interests.”

She’s basically trying to create an environment that breaks down the perceived barriers to communication. Natter Shacks are now in many of our local towns … Colne, Barrowford, Nelson, Barnoldswick, Burnley, Padiham, Fence and Barley.

The Natter Shack – Pavilion Cafe, Colne
Attendees enjoy coffee, cake and a chat at the Pavilion Cafe in Alkincoats Park, Colne.  Of course, we couldn’t resist grabbing a photo of the ladies in the cafe too …

Walk in Alkincoats Park – The Natter Shack
Whilst at the Natter Shack, we arranged to walk up to the secret garden in Alkincoats Park with Gaye Gillet and her friend Toni. En route, we chatted and also met a number of folk walking their dogs.

Friendly environment
You really can’t go wrong at these meetings. If you turn up, there will be someone present to greet you and introduce you to the group of people that are there.  Don’t be fooled into thinking everyone knows each other … they don’t – although after attending a few times, you’ll no doubt recognise a few faces.

OK, I’ll admit it now, the ladies have already sussed that I like having breakkie!

Wait a minute! The pictures mainly show ladies … so what about men? Men are welcome! We know that the Natter Shack at Eadie’s Kitchen (Colne) has several men who attend … so don’t be shy! The Natter Shack isn’t limited to specific age ranges, and children are welcome too. 

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