Eadie’s Brownies

Eadie’s Brownies Eadie’s Brownies was launched on 16th May 2020 and has been blessed with an instant success.  On the first day, the Eadie’s Brownies website sold out all their delicious brownies within an hour […]


The Natter Shack Scheme

The Natter Shack Scheme is gaining popularity week by week Today, we visited the Natter Shack in The Lounge, Barrowford and then immediately afterwards headed over to the Natter Shack at the Pavilion Cafe, Colne. […]


The Natter Shack

The Natter Shack offers a relaxing chat with like-minded people, which aims to combat loneliness and isolation in our local communities.  They will be offering meet-ups at various locations including Colne, Barrowford, Nelson, Padiham, Burnley, […]