Easter In Colne – Easter Egg Hunt

Easter in Colne – Easter Egg Hunt & Church Visit 

There was a children’s Easter Egg Hunt as part of the recent ‘Easter in Colne’ event (Sat 20th April 2019).

This was a fantastic idea and proved to be extremely popular.  As a starting point, a clue booklet could be picked up from one of the stalls in the outdoor market area. The clues took those involved to areas between Colne Library to Colne Town Hall.

Many children, and parents, were buzzing around town looking for clues to the puzzle.  Each clue provided a letter which formed a part of the phrase ‘Happy Easter’.  The reward for the correct phrase was an Easter egg each! 

The competition was organised by the Colne Town Council and the 253 Easter eggs prizes were donated by our Colne Co-Op! Not satisfied with that contribution, Colne Co-Op also had a stall on the outdoor market with a tombola and were fundraising for the Home-Start charity.

We spoke to Serys, Tyra & Lily who were tackling the Easter Egg Hunt and they patiently allowed us a sensible photo of them with the church in the background. Ten minutes later, they were back for a fun photo shoot … on their terms! 

Participants wandered around the Colne town centre area and as far as Colne Parish Church. This was quite effective as it integrated businesses and activities & events at St. Bartholomew’s Church with the events organised by the Colne Town Council.

En route to Colne Parish Church, many will have passed Colne Bookshop … but did you spot their special little Easter Egg treat …  a book launch and signing event for one of our local authors? Here we see Kathryn Pana with her new book “Putting Everything on the Line”.  Kathryn has a stall in the Market Hall and was a key organiser for the recent, and successful, “Wild West Day” event.


In the spring sunlight, the Church itself was looking rather inviting and offered a number of activities. Visitors were greeted with a ‘Keep the Beat’ African drum playing in the yard at the front of the Church.  Inside the Church, there were arts & crafts for the children, refreshments and a number of guided tours of the church tower.

Tour of Colne Parish Tower
There is no doubt that lots of people will be eager to see the highlights of this tour, including views from the top of the Church Tower. Coming soon …!

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