Mayoral Sunday

Mayoral Sunday took place back in November 2021 and turned out to be a fantastic day for all.

This was very unusual in that this particular event as is usually scheduled around April time for the incoming Mayor. However, but the situation surrounding Covid-19 meant that it was delayed for quite a while.  We had a rather fabulous treat – the heavy snowfall made for some very rare photo’s.

With permission of the Vicar, we had free run of the Church during the Ceremony so that we could capture it. Quite unusual for such liberty to be granted during a service but great memories to be captured.

The Entrance & Exit – outside St. Bartholomew’s 
The procession into the Church was lead by the Mayors attendant, the lovely Trish Judson.  The photo of the Mayor and Mayoress leaving the church is one of my favourites and was used on the Christmas cards sent out by the Mayor.

Outside St. Bartholomew’s Church
By the time the service was over, there had been a fair amount of snow! So we took full advantage of the lovely scenery to grab some playful photo’s.

Inside St. Bartholomew’s
The inside of the Church is always spectacular and a little tour is irresistable.

More about Colne Parish Church
With the “Easter in Colne” event coming up soon, you might get a chance to attend the Church Tower Tour.  That’s definitely not to be missed!

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