Halloween in Colne 2018

Halloween in Colne 2018 was organised by Colne Town Council and featured competitions for pumpkin design, shop window dressing, children fancy dress and adult fancy dress.  There were crafts & story telling in Colne Library, face painting at Beautiful You, crafts in the Market Hall, plus a number of children’s rides and displays in the town centre. These activities were supported throughout the day by performances from the Malkin Morris & Roughlee Ruffians. The final performance of the day was from the Helen Green Academy of Dance.

The Indoor Market had couple of extremely popular activities for the children … making ‘goo’ and making gingerbread men!

Shop Halloween Displays

So we had a quick look around town, to grab a few of the shop displays … can you identify them?


Children & Adult Fancy Dress

The children’s fancy dress competition was well attended and prizes were given out by the Mayor of Pendle.  The adult’s fancy dress competition, was a little less attended … perhaps our Colne folk are a little shy ? 😉 


The Market Hall 

We chatted to a number of mums who had a fantastic time making ‘goo’ and gingerbread mean with their kids.  Well done to traders from Colne Markets Lancashire, those activities were very well received.  Beware though! The Grim Reaper and various abominations lurked in and around the Market Hall … oh and you may have seen the Mayor of Pendle in the Market Hall … buying his regular batch of stew & hard from the butchers.


Halloween in Colne 

A brief look around the stalls & markets around Parliament Square, until we got shouted at by Naomi for getting in the way. (Well not really, but she was sporting a super-trendy megaphone!). Nice to see stallholders from UK German Shepherd Rescue getting into the spirit of Halloween too.


Helen Green Dance Academy

So, onto the last performance of the day … by the Helen Green Academy of Dance. What a great performance by the youngsters.  All braved the cold without even flinching.  How Helen manages to organise so many for so long by so few is a mystery; she even managed to rustle up the posse for a group photo! Thank you so much, we really do appreciate the effort  that everyone puts into these performances.

I foolishly took a position right in front of the performers to take photo’s. It seemed like a good idea at the time, in front of the crowd of people jammed into the square … but probably a mistake, as we didn’t realise they would literally be right ‘in our faces’ at many points … inches away from us … and with considerable fiery look which was perfect to add feeling to the performance. Spooky, but brilliant.


The full photo album can be viewed here: Halloween In Colne 2018.

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