Molly Mae’s – 3rd place Christmas in Colne 2019 – Window Dressing Competition

Molly Mae’s awarded 3rd place in the Christmas In Colne Window Dressing Competition

Florist Molly Mae’s was awarded 3rd place in the window dressing competition that was part of the Christmas in Colne 2019 event.  Molly Mae tells us that on the day prior to the Christmas in Colne event she was up till 3 am along with her partner sorting out the final touches to this display. Quite clearly, their efforts have produced a fantastic result! Scooping third place in the window dressing competition was an obvious bonus!

Now you’d be forgiven for thinking that Molly would be proudly holding her certificate, but no such luck for us. That’s down to a staff member. We’ll probably get shouted at, but just so folks know that we did actually speak to Molly personally! Molly explains to us that, because of her age, many people think she is an employee … no, not so, she is the business owner and definitely a friendly one at that.

Molly Mae’s Florist:

Results of the Window Dressing Competition (Christmas in Colne 2019)
Christmas in Colne: Window Dressing Competition – 1st Place: Chosen By Jessica
Christmas in Colne: Window Dressing Competition – 2nd Place: Glasshouse display (outside the Market Hall)
Christmas in Colne: Window Dressing Competition – 3rd Place: Molly Mae’s Florist

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