Pavilion Cafe –  says ‘Thank you’ to Community Volunteers

Pavilion Cafe –  says ‘Thank you & Merry Christmas’ to various volunteers in the Community

The Pavilion Cafe at Alkincoats Park arranged a free Christmas Meal & an afternoon’s entertainment for various volunteers within the community.

The volunteers and other guests were a mixed set of people that go the extra mile within the community – without expecting anything in return. Guests included cafe staff, staff at the Philip Wright Crown Green Bowling Academy, gardeners, Open Door, Mental Health Walk and Talk group, individuals who rescue animals and people who help others that need support.

Meet the volunteers

The Burwain Singers
Prior to the Christmas meal, the guests were entertained by ‘The Burwain Singers’, who performed a whole host of festive songs and carols.

Community supporting the Community
All the staff at the Pavilion Cafe volunteered their time for the day.  If that wasn’t enough, as a special touch, one of their regular customers at the Pavilion Cafe volunteered to dress as Santa and handed out gifts donated by Eileen Eve and Sue Randal.

Staff at the Pavilion Cafe
After a little bit of persuasion … here are the staff at the Pavilion Cafe who were serving the guests.  Of course, that’s not quite all of them … as usual Daisy was trying to avoid the camera … successfully, it seems, on this occasion! And so lucky that the couple of candid shots we took just didn’t measure up. Lucky, lucky … next time Daisy! 😉

Pavilion Cafe in the Community
The day before this event, we were also at the Pavilion Cafe – but that was to listen to children from Park Primary School singing Christmas Carols to their dinner guests!  The cafe has Christmas dinners up until Christmas but they’re already fully booked up (unless they have a cancellation)! 

It’s a very popular cafe which really pulls out the stops with engaging the community.  This year they had two extremely successful major events: a Summer Gala in May 2019 and a Summer Fair in Aug 2019.  What’s great is that they work closely with the team next door … the Philip Wright Crown Green Bowling Academy.

Did you know that they are also one of the venues in Colne for The Natter Shack? That’s from 11am – 12pm on Wednesdays.  (The other venue is Eadie’s Kitchen … that’s on Thursdays from 10 am – 11 am).

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