R&B Line Up – Sun 25th August 2019

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Colne & Nelson RUFC13:00King Biscuit Boys
Dad's & Lads Barbers (Fringe)13:00Tristinsel
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre13:00BBC Radio Lancashire presents
Riley's & Eadie's (Fringe)13:00Sean Roche
The Crown Hotel13:00Chris Martin
The Muni13:00Jessica Foxley Stages
The Venue13:00Easy Feet
Tubbs of Colne13:00Jamie Mallender
The Little Theatre13:15Benjamin Kelly 
Duke of Lancaster14:00The Extras
Mini Muni14:00The Engine Room Workshop
Riley's & Eadie's (Fringe)14:00Skooma
The Dressers14:00Blues Song Writing Workshop
Waterhouse Bar (Town Hall)14:00Bluesman Mike Francis & Friends – 30 Years Of Colne
The Little Theatre14:15Barry Jackson
The Muni14:20Dana Ali Band
Admiral Lord Rodney14:30Two Hats Blues Band
Colne & Nelson RUFC14:30The Slide Machine
Earnie's of Colne14:30Dr Bob & The Bluesmakers
The Union Exchange14:30The Worried Men
Tubbs of Colne14:30Chris Martin
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre14:40Jessica Foxley Stages
Northern Whisper Tap Room15:00Howlin’ Ric & The Rocketeers
Riley's & Eadie's (Fringe)15:00JD & Strings
The Crown Hotel15:00Jimmy C And The Blues Dragons
The Dressers15:00Meagan Grooters
The Venue15:00Phil Johari
The Little Theatre15:15Lee Ainley’S Blues Storm
Carlo's Italian Resteraunt15:30Rowland Jones
The Muni15:40Blues Boy Kings
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre15:40Delta Fuse
Dad's & Lads Barbers (Fringe)16:00Brassneck
Duke of Lancaster16:00Marcus Lazarus
Greenfield Arts Centre (Fringe)16:00Gary Boyle +Roger Higins
Riley's & Eadie's (Fringe)16:00Jake Dixon
The Dressers16:00J-Bear & The Giants
The Little Theatre16:15O W Houlston
Mini Muni16:30Giles Robson Chicago Blues Harmonica Workshop
Admiral Lord Rodney17:00The Extras
Colne & Nelson RUFC17:00Blues Train
Colne Tacklers Club17:00Kerry's Heroes
Dad's & Lads Barbers (Fringe)17:00 onwardsDJ's
Earnie's of Colne17:00Jon Angus Blues Band
Greenfield Arts Centre (Fringe)17:00Sean Roche
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre17:00Ash Wilson Band
Riley's & Eadie's (Fringe)17:00Steve Humbert
The Muni17:00Andy Gunn
The Union Exchange17:00Howlin Ric & The Rocketeers
The Venue17:00Mojo Filter
Tubbs of Colne17:00Dan Burnett
Waterhouse Bar (Town Hall)17:00Two Hats Blues Band
Carlo's Italian Resteraunt17:30
King Biscuit Boys
Northern Whisper Tap Room17:30Dr Bob And The Bluesmakers
The Crown Hotel17:30Mojo Rising
The Little Theatre17:30Betty & The Bootleggers
Duke of Lancaster18:00The Slide Machine
Greenfield Arts Centre (Fringe)18:00Skooma
Mini Muni18:00Tone Tanner
Riley's & Eadie's (Fringe)18:00Fandjango
The Dressers18:00Blast Lane
The Muni18:20Rainbreakers
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre18:20Giles Robson Band
Colne Tacklers Club19:00Ian Boyle Blues Band
Greenfield Arts Centre (Fringe)19:00Shakamoto Investigation
Riley's & Eadie's (Fringe)19:00Si Shack The Ragged Man
The Venue19:00Blackballed
Admiral Lord Rodney19:30Black Bear Bones
Colne & Nelson RUFC19:30The Worried Men
Earnie's of Colne19:30Howlin Ric & The Rocketeers
Mini Muni19:30Goofa Dust
The Union Exchange19:30Route 66
Tubbs of Colne19:30The Jd R&B Band
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre19:40Big Boy Bloater and The Limits
The Muni19:40Greg Coulson
Duke of Lancaster20:00Jed Thomas
Greenfield Arts Centre (Fringe)20:00Four Candles
Northern Whisper Tap Room20:00Phil Johari
Riley's & Eadie's (Fringe)20:00Overload
The Crown Hotel20:00The Mark Jarvis Band
The Dressers20:00Strange Brew
Waterhouse Bar (Town Hall)20:00Rowland Jones
Carlo's Italian Resteraunt20:30Dan Burnett
Greenfield Arts Centre (Fringe)21:00Cold Bath Street
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre21:00Gerry Jablonski & The Electric Band
Mini Muni21:00The Outlaw Orchestra
Riley's & Eadie's (Fringe)21:00Rain House Blues Band
The Little Theatre21:00Dave Ferra
The Muni21:00Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado
The Venue21:00J-Bear & The Giants
Admiral Lord Rodney22:00Blast Lane
Colne & Nelson RUFC22:00Route 66
Duke of Lancaster22:00Blackballed
Earnie's of Colne22:00The Welsh T Band
Greenfield Arts Centre (Fringe)22:00Crywank
The Dressers22:00Blues Innit
The Union Exchange22:00Blues Train
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre22:30Sari Schorr & The Engine Room
The Muni22:30Anthony Gome
The Crown Hotel22:30Black Bear Bones
Tubbs of Colne22:30Jed Thomas
Greenfield Arts Centre (Fringe)23:00Today They Are Older
Duke of Lancaster23:59John Angus Blues Band
Greenfield Arts Centre (Fringe)23:59Cloud 9 (till 3am)
The Venue23:59Good Foxy

R&B Festival – Colne

Official R&B Main Venues: (Tickets Required)
The Hippodrome, Muni, Mini Muni & The Little Theatre.

Official Roadhouses:
Admiral Lord Rodney, Carlo’s, Crown Hotel, Dressers, Duke of Lancaster, Earnie’s, Northern Whisper Tap Room, Rugby Club, Tubbs, Union Exchange, The Venue, Waterhouse Bar.

Busking Points:
Busking Point 1: Near the Crown Hotel.
Busking Point 2: In front of the Cenotaph.
Busking Point 3: Next to stone bus shelter on Albert Road.
Busking Point 4: Outside Marsden Building Society.
Busking Point 5: Next to the Town Hall ramp on New Market Street
Busking Point 6: In front of Colne Library.

Unofficial, fringe & other venues:
– The unofficial venues are marked as (Fringe) in the above table.
Dad’s & Lads Barbers: 2 Richmond Court, Colne, BB8 9HR.
Eadie’s Kitchen: 74 Albert Rd, Colne, BB8 0AG. (line up will be included soon!)
Market Street Tavern, 8 Market St, Colne BB8 0HS.
Riley’s Bar, 76 Albert Road, Colne, BB8 0AG. (line up will be included soon!)
‘Escape from the Blues’: Greenfield Arts Centre, Greenfield Road, BB8 9PD. 

Links to R&B Line-up for each day:-
Lineup: 23rd August 2019 – Friday
Lineup: 24th August 2019 – Saturday
Lineup: 25th August 2019 – Sunday 
Lineup: 26th August 2019 – Monday

More information at the official R&B website: The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival.


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