Trawden Beer & Music Festival 2019

Trawden Beer & Music Festival 2019

The Trawden Beer & Music Festival 2019 (TBMF) was held over a three day period from Fri 7th – Sun 9th June 2019. Here we see little snippets of the event on the Sunday.

The festival was held at the Trawden Recreation Ground and was really easy to get to as there was a free shuttle bus running a route which started at The Crown Hotel in Colne. After the security checks, we were greeted by a number of volunteer staff. They issued wrist bands and drinks tokens. 

One inside the venue, the obvious first thing to do was to survey the beer and other drinks that were on offer. Of course, that’d be a great time to capture the various bar staff too … we’ll those that were available for a photo at the time. The featured photo is Neil & Lewis Taylor … good friends of ours.

It wasn’t long before we spotted Emma-Jane MacDonald in the audience, armed with her camera (phone)! You have to watch this lady!

Music & Bands
Sunday had a great line up of local musicians, including The Switch, Relic and Fandjango.  Jossy was in  hosting mode and was helping out by introducing the bands.  Jossy (J-Bear and the Giants) actually performed on the day before – we missed that, but you can be sure it was entertaining! If memory serves, Relic were part of the Colne Gala Procession in 2015.

Daft as a Brush?
Jossy turns up with a brush and then we see an opportunity … ‘Make like a Pendle Witch’ … can we blame the beer or are we both just as daft as that brush? Steve Worral (manager of The Switch) watches our antics! He seems impressed! 😉 Whilst there, we spot the sound engineer mingling with the audience and making sure the audio quality is spot on.

Always time for food
For a while we chatted to Toni Baldwin and her posse. Toni is one of our super Colne & District Nurses and she offered us some chips … so we just had to stay to chat! Those chips made us hungry, so we headed off to find food. Minutes later, Nick and his mum were right behind us in the queue for food at the Tiger Tai stall !

Nick is lead singer of The Switch and is also in separate band called Odall. He played as part of Odall at the Summer Fair at the Pavilion Cafe  (Alkincoats Park).  You may also see him at Earnie’s whilst you’re out roller skating! Odall performed on the VIP nights and Nick loved the idea of the venue so much that he applied for a job!

Tiger Tai has a shop in on Market Street in Colne and offers some outstanding food! We sat and talked with volunteer Emma-Jane whilst eating our food.

Enjoying the Trawden Beer & Music Festival
Let’s have a look around. It’s always great to meet our locals. The first group photo’s contain the proprietor of No. 62 Bar (Albert Road, Colne). Can you spot them? Oh, thanks to Emma-Jane for spotting us at work! 

Another proprietor – this time it’s micro pub boss from Boyce’s Barrel. It’s so great to see them supporting the local events. Family friend Ella, a whole bunch of local folk who were kind enough to stop of a photo and a chat.  

Time for some fun
Sure, I went out on my own. But I know that our locals are extremely friendly – you’ll not go without company … unless you deliberately sit in a corner! Even though I put my camera away, some folk have other idea’s! Thank you to Emma-Jane (told you that you have to watch her!) and Andrew Bean for capturing me at the bar, with Jossy & some of the lads from the Switch and with Kim & Nicola.

Meeting new people is always a great experience and today was no exception. Nice to meet Kim & Nicola Brown (mum & daughter). Local life is simply what you make of it … choose to get involved and everyone will have a fabulous time.

By about 10.30pm, I’d had enough. It didn’t help that in the early evening the organisers announced that one beer token would now get you one pint! (At the start it was 2 tokens per pint, with 12 tokens on a card that cost £12 on entry). Might have had a few beers! There was a free shuttle bus from the event back into Colne … perfect.

*Many* thanks to all those involved in making this event happen … you all did a great job!

Local Life
The morning after … well, have to say thank you to local photographer Colin Bean. He kindly chauffeured me to the Lock Stop Cafe at Greenberfield Locks in Barnoldswick.  Who can say ‘No’ to a bacon butty, several coffee’s and fresh air by the canal when you’re so delicate?

There were so many things to do this weekend … here’s just a few of the choices: Trawden Beer & Music Festival, the Salterforth Fun Day and the 75th Anniversary of D-Day event at Nelson Cenotaph. 

On Saturday, a whole posse of dancers (and parents) of the Helen Green Academy of Dance were competing at a dance competition in Gainsborough. My news feed was completely flooded with their positive buzz – so many pictures, so many prizes, so many happy children, so many proud parents. This is pure gold for the local community, but you could so easily miss it. You can’t help but love them all. They all put so much effort in and we couldn’t possibly keep up with them all the time. They have a really super close-knit little dance community. Luckily, I’m often invited to the party … quite literally! It’s such good news, that it’s more than worth it’s own story. Be sure to look out for them at the Colne Gala this weekend (Sat 15th June 2019) – they have a history of outstanding displays! (Photo’s: © various)

Read more:  Helen Green Dance Academy at Gainsbrough Dance Competition 

A little further afield, there was Parklife in Heaton Park, Manchester. We already know many of our young adults attended!  Parklife is a fairly mainstream event, but there’s Beat-Herder festival in July too (which is a little more off the beaten track) and you can be 100% sure that it will be very popular. I really should try to get a press pass … will anyone buy that excuse? Beat-Herder will, of course, make some of our micro businesses extremely busy – MUA’s, nails technicians and hairdressers etc – so make sure you book them in advance!  This year, we’d love to see your Beats look … feel free to send us your photos! Photo: © Krista Hyatt.

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