Helen Green Dance Academy – Gainsborough Dance Competition

Helen Green Dance Academy – Gainsborough Dance Competition

This weekend, dancers from the Helen Green Dance Academy brought home a whole bunch of trophies.  What a great success. All weekend our Facebook news feed was a hive of activity and was flooded with good news stories, happy faces, trophies, awards and some super proud parents.  Despite this, if you’re not friends with one of the parents, then the achievements of our local youngsters, and the huge efforts put in by everyone, could well go unnoticed.

It all started early in the morning, when parents were up pretty early (~6 am) and mobilising their children with military precision.  Well, most of them. Let’s just say that it’s a good job Nats wasn’t driving ..! 😉

Dance groups such at this are a shining example of a ‘community within a community’ and they’ll happily integrate with anyone that shows a vague bit of interest in their activities.  They all help each other through good and bad times & truly are great bunch of people. The HGDA is always (and I mean always) found at local events, performing at rest homes, helping causes for charity etc.  This weekend, they’ll be in the Colne Gala Procession for 2019.  As always, we have high expectations of them and they will no doubt deliver a great visual display.  The Gala is on Sat 15th June 2019 and the schedule of events can be found here: Gala Schedule 2019.

The last time we saw them, they were dancing in torrential rain at the Charity Football – NR Engineering v Regal Precision Engineers. That event raised over £4,000 for Pendleside Hospice.

Gainsborough Dance Competition
Onto Gainsborough … here are a *few* snippets from this competition. These photo’s are copyrighted by their owners and are reproduced here by permission of Helen Green, Michelle Whalley, Vicky Williamson etc. (Anyone that wants to add more photos, feel free to drop us a message!)

Helen said,

“You’ve danced so well and come home with dozens of trophies and marks on cards . We’ve had two ballet festivals and exams and gala preparations , so I didn’t expect much from today , but you were outstanding ❤️……. keep up the good work ! Myself and Lauren are lucky to have each and every one of you in the school 😍😍😍”

“I tried to talk Lexi out of going to the Comp today as we’ve had such an emotional week, but she was adamant that she wanted to go and be with her friends …. she won pairs with Ophelia , getting her card marked and came 2nd in street – I’m so proud of her ! Thanks to all the parents who looked after her once I had left – I really appreciate it.

Vicky Williamson:-

“Absolutely made up cannot believe we are bringing home a champ today!!!! 🏆 Ruby and the her partner Bo taking another 1st losing that last life!!! Ruby also smashed it in her solo today taking 1st and 3rd in slow 👌👊🏻 x Georgia bagging herself 2 trophies 3rd in pairs and Rock & Roll with the lovely Lexi x Thankyou so much Helen Green & Lauren Sharp for your all you do for my girls”


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