PPE Maskateers raise £2,800 for Pendleside Hospice

PPE Maskateers raise £2,800 for Pendleside Hospice The PPE Maskateers have currently raised £2,800 for Pendleside Hospice and the funds were deposited today directly into their account. At present. the Maskateers are continuing to produce […]


PPE Maskateers – helping local Care Homes

In just a few weeks, the PPE Maskateers have produced over 1000 face masks.  They have systematically supplied all the local care homes that were in need with face masks. Once they had satisfied that […]


PPE Maskateers – Making protective masks.

PPE Maskateers – Making protecting masks  A group of local people have come together to produce face masks to try to help ease some of the pressures faced by our local front line workers because […]