PPE Maskateers – helping local Care Homes

In just a few weeks, the PPE Maskateers have produced over 1000 face masks.  They have systematically supplied all the local care homes that were in need with face masks. Once they had satisfied that demand, they expanded their scope of operations by donating masks to local pharmacies, police, fire service and some schools.  As a natural follow on, they’re now offering masks to the general public for a minimum donation of £1 per mask, although many people have been much more generous.  In two sessions, the PPE Maskateers have raised over £1,000 and all funds will be donated to Pendleside Hospice.

At the time of our last story about the PPE Maskateers, they had produced about 220 masks. They are a great bunch of people … donating their time, labour and materials free of charge. They’re organised by Sadj & Dorothy Lord.  There are many involved, from sourcing materials, cutting materials, producing “starter packs”, machinists and many people involved in the behind the scenes logistics operations.

Supplying Face Masks to Local Care Homes
Face masks were donated to literally every care home that need them in Colne, Barrowford, Nelson, Burnley, Brierfield, Burnley and Barnoldswick! Here are pictures of some of them.

Messages of thanks from our local Care Homes
Many lovely messages have been received by the PPE Maskateers from the Care Homes that have helped :-

Read more about our local Maskateers here:
PPE Maskateers – hleping local Police, Fire Service, Pharmacies & some schools

PPE Maskateers – deliver over 220 masks to local care homes
PPE Maskateers – Making protective Masks 

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