Remembrance Sunday 2020

Members the Colne Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club held a private service at the Colne War Memorial early Sunday morning.  The service was held way in advance of the usual routine, so that social […]

Bygone Times

Scapa Flow – Remembrance Tributes

Scapa Flow (Orkey Islands) area is crammed with military history from both World Wars.  A significant portion of the captured German fleet was scuttled in WW1 and is home to various war graves, like the […]


West Street Primary School Remembers

West Street Primary School Remembers Today (Fri 8th Nov), children from West Street Primary School visited the Colne Cemetery and placed various poppies and wreaths on the various War Graves.  Guided by the staff, children […]


Pendle Togs Remembers

Pendle Togs Remembers Another outstanding display from Pendle Togs and a super contribution to the community all round. We published our initial heads-up story on Pendle Togs a few weeks ago and this proved to […]