Colne Gala: Child Labour & Suffragettes

Helen Green Academy of Dance usually comes up with a superb display with a current theme and this year was no exception – Suffragettes and Child Labour!

Yes, that’s right – in Britain (and not so long ago), women’s rights were minimal and children were often used for cheap labour.  Step back just little further in time and the situation would look even more bleak to today’s women and children!

Around 100 years ago in Britain, the Suffragettes were causing a bit of a storm by asking for asking for the right to vote for in public elections for women.  Although their cause started off peacefully, it eventually turned violent.  However, shortly after the outbreak of Word War 1, the Suffragettes stopped their campaign of violence and supported the government in every way and its war effort.


Colne Gala: Suffragettes

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Colne Gala: Suffragettes - Oh my word! Lexi is waving & being 'nice' ?!!

In the bygone era, it was common for children to be working as chimney sweeps, in the coal mines & operating machinery.

Colne Gala: Child Labour

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Colne Gala: Child Labour - Chimney Sweeps!




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