Dancers spread Christmas Cheer at Care Homes

Dancers spread Christmas Cheer at Care Homes

The dancers at Helen Green Dance Academy of Dance selflessly gave up their entire Sunday (Dec 22nd) so that they could bring some Christmas cheer to residents of local care homes. 

They performed their dance routines at care homes throughout Colne & Nelson and, by the end of the day, were somewhat exhausted but happy in the knowledge that they had brought happiness to many people.  They really are an awesome bunch.  Most of Colne should be very familiar with them as they participate in many events and really are a significant part of the community.

Hmm, it seems that dancing all day makes everyone very hungry … looks like they had multiple feasts, including a trip to McDonald’s! How hungry are these youngsters ?!

One Big Family
The Helen Green Academy of Dance really is one big family.  Helen nurtures the children and pushes them to their limits so that they can achieve.  In return, the children work hard and they work hard regularly … week in, week out.  But don’t forget that these children are supported heavily by their parents who have to take them to dance lessons, ferry them to & from events and be be with them at competitions etc. They are just as passionate about the dancing as are the children and often help each other out. One that that is clear, everyone is 100% committed.

Quite often, our Facebook news feed is full of pictures of dancers winning trophy after trophy at dance competitions.  So much so, that the positive vibes always rub off and bring much cheer to the day. There’s always a Buzz at ‘comp’ time. Yet, quite often, you might not hear a word of their successes … you’d have to be friends with at least on of the ‘dance parents’ to know.

They’re also ready to help at the drop of a hat. This year, we couldn’t attend the Colne Gala (yes, I know, a disaster).  We asked some of the parents of the dancers to ‘take pictures of the Gala’ for us (the children were performing in the Gala so we knew that the parents would be there too).  That evening, we had several hundred photo’s sent to us! Thank you everyone!

Where else do you see them?
Some of the key events that the Helen Green Dance Academeny participates in: Christmas in Colne event, Halloween in Colne, Colne Gala, Easter in Colne and various fundraisers.  

Our Children – kind hearts
Of course, the Helen Green Dance Academy isn’t the only dance group to give up their spare time to perform at care homes. But you probably won’t hear much about the other children and their good deeds either. We know, for instance, that the Stage Door Youth Theatre also performed at care homes and various other venues.  There are probably many more instances that we just haven’t come across yet.

If you take a few moments to look carefully then you’ll see that there is so much good in the community … and a lot of very proud parents.

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