Colne Market Hall during Covid-19

Colne Market Hall during Covid-19

Colne Market Hall has been re-opened for approx a week now and we caught up with them on Sat 27th June 2020.  There is a social distancing and a one-way system in place due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

We didn’t actually venture inside the Market Hall on this occasion, as we’d just got a coffee and a large breakfast sandwich from Pendle Kitchen, but the general positive vibe of the town comes back pretty quickly.

Newtown Nursery – display in  the Glasshouse
There was a lovely display in the Glass House outside the Market Hall by Newtown Nursery. It was bright and cheerful and even managed to distract me from food for a while! A significant amount of effort has gone into setting that display up, so our thanks for that. Just ahead of the new school year, this will no doubt be very relevant to many parents.

Covid-19 – Some of the effects on local life
Covid-19 has had varying impacts on local people and local life. Here we see one of the ladies that we regularly have chats & breakfast with at the Natter Shack events in Colne & Barrowford – she was trying to sneak past unnoticed. Yes, we are rusty after 3 months of no opportunities for community stories, but you can’t hide – even with a mask. Are you buying this story? Actually, she spotted me and sussed that I was sneaking in a breakfast butty straight away! I seem to have this reputation re food!

This lady is camera shy and usually tells me off for taking photo’s, but I think I’ll be OK with the mask one … I’ll no doubt find out at the next event! 🙂

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