Introduction to water sports – Lord St. Primary School

Introduction to sailing / water sports for Yr 5 students at Lord Street Primary School.

Water Safety & Sailing
Whilst we were out covering the story for the installation of the water safety boards at Lake Burwain, we spotted a group of children being given instruction on water safety and sailing.  This was extremely unusual to see, so after the safety board event concluded, we went to investigate. After a quick chat to one of the accompanying adults, we learned that they were from Lord Street Primary School.

The children were from Year 5 and were part of a fairly new Lord St. school initiative to introduce children to water sports & activities in a safe, controlled environment.  The activities had been running for many weeks and will have given introduced about 60 children to sailing & other water activities.  Last year, a number of the children were awarded a RYA Level Sailing certificates!   An impressive initiative by the school and well done to the volunteers at the Burwain Sailing Club for taking on such a massive task!

They were given the usual safety talks, sailing theory, life-saver jackets and protective head wear.  All that was needed were a few pair of extra clothes!  After all, it’s most likely that you’ll get wet whilst sailing … especially if you end up in the water! (And it happens but, of course, they’ve got this covered by multiple safety boats etc).

Sail instructor plus three Lord St. school staff, the sailing theory visual aids … and then simply posing for a photo!? 😉

Lake Burwain Sailing Club
The training took place at Burwain Sailing Club … if you’re interested in sailing or other types of water sports, then get in touch with them! They have their own club house and are great bunch of friendly people.

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